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A hanging chair is a chair that does not have legs and is suspended from a ceiling or support unit by a chain, rope, or other means. The chair is frequently free hanging, which means it may swinging or move about independently.

Indoor hanging chair types are frequently suspended from a hook by a chain or rope. To guarantee that the load of the chair and anybody sitting in it can be supported without harming the ceiling or the chair, this hook must be connected to a stud or beam in the room’s ceiling.

A hanging chair’s design, as well as the materials used to build it, can be rather varied. Because some outdoor hanging chair pieces are intended to be hung from a tree limb or other strong support, they frequently contain ropes or webbing.

The hanging chair is typically made of a synthetic material that is robust, water-resistant, or waterproof, and it is frequently designed to be lightweight backpacking for easy travel to more isolated camping locations.

Indoor hanging chair variants, as well as patio or deck chair models, are often heavier and bigger than camp chairs.

Because a hanging chair needs a support above it to hang correctly, some hanging chairs include a metal frame from which the chair may be hung if there is no ceiling or support above it. The chair can be attached to the metal frame using a chain.

The metal frame usually has a sturdy base, an arm that extends high enough to be above the chair, and a hook whereby the ropes or chains can be attached.

The perpendicular arm is typically curved to allow for greater free hanging area, while the base extended below the chair for increased support.

Hanging Chair
Hanging Chair

Wood, plastic, metal, and wicker are common materials used in the creation of a hanging chair. Though most materials are sturdy enough to hold the weight of a fully grown adult on the hanging chair, the material choice will have an influence on the hanging chair’s looks as well as its durability.

For extra comfort, some hanging chairs are egg-shaped and have padding on the bottom. Whenever a person sits on a hanging chair, this form lends itself to the most typical sitting posture

However alternative shapes are possible and can be just as pleasant if made appropriately. Before buying a hanging chair, it’s a good idea to try it out and see how comfortable it is.

Our Picks

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Luna Hanging Chair

Luna Hanging Chair

This indoor-outdoor chair was so popular with Daveed Diggs and Emmy Raver-Lampman that they ordered two! It’s obviously folk, yet it’s simple enough that it would work well in a minimalist’s house.

Though we don’t advise leaving it outside in the weather, it would look great on a covered deck or patio. The seat cushion is offered individually and is also available in white.

Hanging Rattan Bench

Hanging Rattan Bench

Do you like a two-person seat? This hanging chair love seat has the same appearance and feel as the popular Serena & Lily chair, but it can hold up to 500 pounds. For all-day relaxing, add throw pillows or a soft cushion to the mix.

Pod Hanging Chair

Pod Hanging Chair

This charming hanging pod chair is made by hand in Indonesia and is made of 100 percent recyclable resin. It is both protective and attractive.

Sling Hanging Chair

Sling Hanging Chair
Sling Hanging Chair

The stainless steel frame and sustainably created vegan leather material of this Studio Stirling-designed hanging swing chair may appear too fragile to be kept outside, yet it was built to be. Hanging daybeds, chaise couches, and other items are among the studio’s specialties.

Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair

Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair
Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair

On 1959 this hanging chair swing is still a style icon in the interior design world. This sleek rattan egg is a genuine work of art that is built to survive the weather, but it comes at a cost. Although the components can be purchased separately, the swing, chain, cushion, and stand are included.

OCA Hanging Swing Chair

Ignore all you thought you knew about rope chairs since this one was made to be sat in as well. With its cane seat and sleek metal components, it deconstructs the shape and polishes it in So Paulo, Brazil.

Micadeau Porch Swing

This indoor-outdoor chair has a folding stand  with simpler installation! and is a bit more polished choice for post-patio-season storage. For those looking for a pop of colour, it’s also available in a teal hue.

Multicolor Sitting Hammock

This hanging hammock chair is handcrafted in Nicaragua and comes in a variety of colour combinations, but we prefer this bright and sunny one.

Vivere Single Cacoon

This amazing pod hanging chair is extremely light and movable. Keep it in your yard or take it camping with you.

This amazing pod hanging chair is extremely light and movable. Keep it in your yard or take it camping with you.


What is that hanging chair called?

Hanging chairs, also known as egg chairs or swing chairs, feature a moderate sway and are ideal for reclining on balconies, patios, and gardens.

Are hanging chairs any good?

Hanging egg chairs have become a popular addition to any garden. These chairs are a great complement to any outdoor environment, whether it’s on the lawn, patio, decking, or in a conservatory. They’re comfortable, elegant, and Instagrammable.

Is the hanging chair from comfortable?

It’s quite comfortable, and it’s ideal for cuddling up with a book as it softly swings in the wind. It’s also really simple to personalise, and my favourite way to decorate it is with my wonderful yellow blanket

Are pod seats relaxing to sit in?

Hanging chair pod is really comfy and will give your home an ultra-modern appeal. Designer Tip: This chair pod works well in modern, mid-century, and minimalist settings. This partly enclosed chair is adaptable and may be used both indoors and outside.

Is it possible to have an egg chair inside?

Hanging chairs, also known as pod or cocoon chairs, are a stylish and comfortable complement to both indoor and outdoor designs

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